Welcome to Asha Counselling Services

Hi, my name is Becca, at Asha Counselling Services I offer a warm, genuine and caring approach to therapy.

Providing empathy and understanding in a non-judgemental way with the goal that you feel heard, valued and safe in your therapy. We will work together and at your pace, with whatever you choose to bring.

Professional Customer Service

Asha Counselling Services offers a safe and supportive environment for you to explore any issues or distress which may be affecting you at this time.

It is a confidential service provided in a low key, homely environment.

Professional Counselling Service

Becca is a qualified counsellor who has been working as an associate counsellor in Porthcawl for the past 3 years providing long- and short-term therapy as required. Working in GP surgeries providing short term therapy, and in a primary school providing therapy to children aged between 5 and 11. In addition running a successful practice.

Integrative Counselling

An accredited member of the National Counselling Society and always works within their ethical guidelines. Becca attends regular supervision to ensure safe ethical practice and monitor her professionalism. She is fully insured, and DBS checked.

About Me

I started Asha Counselling Services to offer a warm, genuine and caring approach to counselling. Using integrative approaches to provide empathy and understanding in a non-judgemental way with the goal that you feel heard, valued and safe in your therapy.

I’ve always wanted to help people and ensure that whoever you are or whatever the circumstances I can help make your world a better place.

We will work together and at your pace, with whatever you choose to bring.

Since qualifying as a counsellor, I have provided both long- and short-term therapy in a variety of settings. Working with people of all ages from 5 and up. Every person has entered therapy at varying life stages and bring with them different challenges, issues and needs. This has provided me with valuable experience which will enable us to work together to achieve the most out of your therapy.

Working together

We are all troubled by relationships, anxieties, stresses, ill-health or depression at some time in our life. Maybe you have lost a sense of purpose or self and confused or worried and can’t find a way out.

Asha Counselling Services offers a safe and supportive environment for you to explore any issues or distress which may be affecting you at this time.

Young persons

Worried about school or not fitting in? Stressed about exams? or not being heard or anxious about other things in life? I can provide a safe environment for you to work through and talk about these issues in an empathic, non-judgemental space and help provide coping strategies where needed.


I can provide a safe, non judgemental environment to explore for you both. I stay impartial and can help you to address any issues arisen within the relationship to either work through and strengthen the relationship, or on occasions guide you through a mutual breakup.


Being a local company Asha Counselling Services understand the local businesses. We can offer an alternative to EAP service, providing you with stress management sessions and mindfulness. For small groups of employees to help you with your understanding of mandatory mental health at the workplace and responsibilities and if required, provide individual counselling sessions for employees.

Farming community

I have a genuine interest in supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing in the farming community. A farmer’s daughter and growing up on a working farm I understand the stresses and challenges that farming life and the farming calendar brings.


Feedback from recent succesful therapy sessions

“I felt able to talk and was being intently listened to in sessions; I made plans to improve my thoughts and feelings towards myself. I am going to focus on moving forward and a possible career change.”

“When going to Counselling with Rebecca at first I was really nervous but when I go to know her I relaxed a lot, she is a really nice and caring person and I was really happy I went to her for help. I would recommend her to anyone else who is struggling with depression since she is patient and she can help you out.”

“I have been given tools I can practice to use during the sessions and continuing now that the sessions have finished; Becky really saw confidence in me. I’m very happy with Becky and the help she offered me. I liked that there were always flowers in the room.”

“Counselling really helped me with my situation and gave me the tools to cope and move forward.”

“The counselling helped me to understand and accept the problems I have and seek the relevant help. Changes I am making are around removing alcohol from my life and getting help to do so.”

“I felt lost and trapped in a spiral of negativity and guilt, struggling to appreciate any joy in my life – just tears, regrets and grief. Becca helped me break that cycle and gently guided me back. I was able to express myself freely with no fear of judgement. I felt safe with Becca. Please don’t punish yourself any longer – contact her today and start your journey back to who you really are.”

“Over the last few years I have had a recurring niggling feeling of self doubt and often found myself getting overwhelmed by different situations in my life. These feelings were especially strong during 2020 as the uncertainty of jobs, lockdowns and having to change my plans for the future made me feel down and anxious. As I felt unable to talk to my family and friends about how I was feeling, talking to Becca was a huge relief for me. Becca has been supportive and non judgemental throughout the sessions and being open with her has made me feel much less anxious. As well as listening to my worries, Becca offered great techniques and advice, teaching me to stop, breathe and to not get overwhelmed by my thoughts. My sessions with Becca have taught me to pause and re-asses my negative thinking and to be more positive and rational in my reactions to these thoughts when they occur. I have learnt to be more accepting, by not putting so much pressure on myself and to allow myself the time to practice being mindful of the things and people around me. After speaking to Becca over the past few months I feel much more positive about myself, less pressure to plan out my life step by step and happier and more confident in my relationships. I’m so glad that I finally found the confidence to message Becca to book the first appointment and I’m grateful to her for all her support.”

“After my conversation with Becky I was reminded of the positive information I received 15 years ago. Thank you”

“Helped me to address my current situation without going back over the past. This was my objective. It helped me set my future approach to my problems. I have learned to be in more control and act on my own decisions.”

“Have just had 5 sessions and it was really helpful, I feel like a different person and a lot more positive. I found it easy to talk and felt listened too and understood. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.”